Different Tutorial Videos And How To Make Them?


How to fix a leaky faucet? How to change the engine oil in your car? How to replace a computer battery? There is a good chance that while searching for these terms in a search engine, you will come across a tutorial video that shows you step by step how to perform these operations.

A tutorial video is a video that explains a process, conveys knowledge, explains a concept or shows how to do something.

Creating instructional videos isn’t just for professionals. At least not anymore. Anyone, regardless of industry, can create tutorial videos. Here are some examples of videos you can create:

Tutorial video

This is the reference teaching method for explaining an operation or providing step-by-step instructions. The tutorial videos usually have a duration which varies between two and ten minutes and can cover several subjects through different teaching practices.

Short video

These are educational videos of a few tens of seconds that focus on unique information. They are generally aimed at large consumers of media whose attention spans are known to be short.

Training video

The training videos are designed to improve the skills of your employees in the workplace. Companies often create these online training videos to cover interpersonal topics, like compliance and harassment risk training, or job-related topics, like hardware and software training.

Explanatory video

How-to videos are short videos, usually two minutes or less, that explain a business concept or product in a fun and visual way. They often use simple animations to explain a topic, product or service. How-to videos turn complex ideas into easy-to-digest content.

Video presentation

Recording a presentation is a convenient method to simplify delivery to a wider audience, such as to people who were unable to attend an event. For those who were present, it is also the way to review and reclaim its content. A simple method is to record the audio of a presentation. If you want to make a more complete video, it is possible to mix the PowerPoint slides, sound and video of the presenter.

Screen recording video

The screen recording videos are short and informal, they are intended for a specific audience. These are digital video recordings of your computer screen, most of the time accompanied by audio narration.

The format lends itself to real-world teaching, where an instructor, colleague or manager can create a screen recording to answer a question or clarify a problem. Often thought of as short-lived “disposable” videos, screen recordings can be made quickly, with a specific purpose. Their cost is minimal.

As you can see, the tutorial videos have different names. However, unlike other forms of video, the tutorial still provides instructions. Whether you need to do an introductory video or a screen recording, the goal is the same: to captivate your audience while teaching them.