How To Make Quality Videos With A Smartphone


“I can’t get into video, I don’t have the equipment. If you’ve ever said this sentence, then you must have forgotten about that little object that is (probably) in your pocket right now.

Filming with a telephone and obtaining a qualitative result is no longer the domain of the impossible, in particular because the cameras integrated in these devices have made clear progress.

Take care of the framing

The focus here has to be on you, which means you have to occupy a good part of the frame (and the point has to be on you).

However, do not neglect your background , which should also help define the mood, the tone of the video.

Rather than occupying a perfectly central position, prefer to shift slightly to the side: this dd and also leaves more room for your background.

Avoid the zoom

The zoom is an effect which can quickly become grotesque (and it is not for nothing that it is hardly used any more in the cinema).

This is all the more the case with smartphones, which are mostly equipped with a digital zoom. This type of zoom pixelating the image and creating an “illusion” of magnification which is not very pleasing to the eye.

As said rather, always place the camera as close as possible to the subject to be filmed rather than using the zoom.

Use editing software

You won’t be able to escape it: you’re going to need to do some editing to get a good quality video.

Editing has different interests:

It lets you cut missed or unnecessary footage that you don’t want to keep;

To add transitions and interstices;